Monday, June 14, 2010

The heirs to the richest and most coveted in the world

Tamara Ecclestone
Age: 25
Rich Dad: Bernard Ecclestone (Greater authority within the Formula 1)
Family fortune: U.S. $ 4 billion
The girls from the list below are the richest heiresses in the world. Well actually, many of them even worked in my life, since they were born in a social condition very comfortable
Charlotte Casiraghi
Age: 23
Wealthy family: Family Grimaldi of Monaco (Monaco is one of six microstates of Europe and is ruled for more than seven centuries the Grimaldi family.)
Family fortune: U.S. $ 1 billion

Dylan Lauren
Age: 36
Rich Dad: Ralph Lauren (renowned stylist)
Family fortune: $ 4.6 billion

Ariana Rockefeller
Age: 27
Rich Dad: David Rockefeller (banker Famous)
Family fortune: $ 2.2 billion

Georgina Bloomberg
Age: 27
Rich Dad: Michael Bloomberg (Founder of media company Bloomberg and the current head of the municipal government of New York City)
Family fortune: U.S. $ 18 billion

Amanda Hearst
Age: 26
Wealthy family: Family Hearst (William Randolph Hearst was a newspaper tycoon U.S.)
Family fortune: $ 1.5 billio

Holly Branson
Age: 28
Rich Dad: Richard Branson (founder of Virgin Group)
Family fortune: U.S. $ 4 billion

Anna Anisimova
Age: 23
Rich Dad: Vasily Anisimov (Russian mathematician)
Family fortune: $ 1.6 billion

Paris and Nikki Hilton
Age: 29
Rich Dad: William Hilton (Multi entrepreneur)
Family fortune: $ 2.5 billion

Kathrine and Cecilie Fredriksen
Age: 25
Rich Dad: John Fredriksen (Entrepreneur involved with oil)
Family fortune: $ 7.7 billion

Ivanka Trump
Age: 28
Rich Dad: Donald Trump (American businessman)
Family fortune: U.S. $ 2 billion

Marta Ortega Perez
Age: 26
Rich Dad: Amancio Ortega Gaona (Business Spanish)
Family fortune: U.S. $ 25 billion

Paige Johnson
Age: 24
Rich Dad: Robert Johnson (founder of Black Entertainment Television)
Family fortune: U.S. $ 1 billion (2008)

Josie Ho Chiu Yi
Age: 35
Rich Dad: Stanley Ho (Business and Industrial casinos Chinese)
Family fortune: U.S. $ 2 billion

Hind Hariri
Age: 26
Rich Dad: Rafik Hariri (Businessman, Lebanese tycoon and politician)
Family fortune: $ 1.1 billion (2008)

Samantha Perelman
Age: 20
Rich Dad: Ron Perelman (President of the Revlon cosmetics company)
Family fortune: U.S. $ 11 billion

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