Sunday, September 25, 2011

Seleb Bodypainting


Quintetto from Quiet ensemble on Vimeo.

"Quintetto" is an installation based on the study of casual movement of objects or living creatures used as input for the production of sounds. The basic concept is to reveal what we call "invisible concerts" of everyday life.
The vertical movements of the 5 fishes in the acquariums is captured by a videocamera, that translates (through a computer software) their movements in digital sound signals.
We'll have 5 different musical instruments creating a totally unexpected live concert.
The installation was born with the collaboration of the Aesop studio.
In 2009 Quintetto wins the third prize at the "International contemporary art prize-Celesteprize" - Berlin.


BLOODROP (HD 2D) from Alexei Popogrebsky on Vimeo.

'When what you see is not what you get'
The 2D version of the 3D short film by Alexei Popogrebsky.

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Alphabet 2

The Alphabet 2 from n9ve on Vimeo.

The Alphabet 2- a horn book video experiment - is a developmental spelling - video where each character visually represents the meaning of the word itself. Playing with different techniques and materials into little and big spaces, but always focusing on Helvetica font's proportions. A collection of words in a delightful spelling-video.

Spidey in Ballet

Life in Hell

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Harry Potter movie mistakes

You want to see the errors that occurred during the filming of Harry Potter , then please see this video.

Failed To Deceive

Dance movements to deceive but failed miserably

Bridge : Bear Vs Deer.

This is a battle to seize each other by a wooden bridge, between a Bear with a Deer. who wins you please see the video?

Window Painting

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