Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Lady of Orda Cave

Lady of Orda Cave by Viktor Lyagushkin
Natalie Avseenko and PHOTOTEAM.PRO undertook a new art-project in Ordynskaya Cave next to Perm city, Russia. Natalie had series of freediving session inside one of the largest gypsum caves. There was dark and cold (the water temperature was around +5C, the outside temperature was -35C), there was no chance to get to the surface and took a breath, there was roof above her all the time. Natalie, holding her breath and overcoming all the challenges she faced with, acted as the spirit of the cave who was kind, with big soul, caring... There is a legend that there is a Lady of the Cave who is very beautiful and charming. The lady is taking care of all the divers entering that incredible "natural cathedral". So, Natalie, literally speaking, had to settle down in the cave and she managed to do that.

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